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DOWN SET FIGHT Digital Covers….

Okay, so I’m swamped at the moment.  Lots of juggling of projects, which should result in some pretty terrific material for you wieners to read later this year or early next.

So, I want everyone to buy/read DOWN SET FIGHT! I love it, and it seems like folks who have read it do too.  I’m going to try and make and post some new images for the book as I’m a little bummed the book hasn’t done triple SAGA sales.  You know, something totally reasonable.  Though I have sold out of my copies at both Conventions I’ve been to this year.

Anyway, lets get started with posting the full line of digital covers.  #5 was my favourite solely for the fact I drew DOGPOUND again.  Aw, DP.

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    Hadn’t heard of this til just now, but after googling I know this will be on my bookshelf DOUBLE TIME.
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    This book is great! Every comics fan should read it. If I know you IRL I’ll loan you my copy.
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    This book is really, really good. I have read it twice, and soon I may read it again. And I don’t care at all about...
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    This comic rules
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    This is a really good comic.
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